Samsung initiative in 2012

samsung solar powered internet school

We are greatly inspired by Samsung initiative in 2012 to launch this project

"Samsung turns a shipping container into a portable wired classroom to bridge the divide between rural and urban South African schools."

by Leslie Katz,, October 30, 2012


Why do we use a shipping container?

The classroom can be moved by truck so kids in other remote areas with little or no access to electricity can benefit from the curriculum and connectivity. A shipping container is used many times to make trips across the oceans and moved by rail, cars, and trailers across highways. It is an original architecture and it is durable. Solar panels can be added to the roof and sides, and the structure can be transported from one school to another. 

It is also:

  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Cheaper than a construction
Shipping container


Why do we use a microcomputer?

The Raspberry Pi is a miniature computer. It is as a valuable learning tool to teach computer programming to students of all ages. This wallet sized PC runs Linux and offers many of the same functions of your average desktop PC including spreadsheets, word processing, and programming. 

It is:

  • 10 times cheaper than a desktop
  • Portable and lightweight
  • 50 times less power than a desktop
  • Running open source software
  • Powerful enough for teaching basics of computers
Raspberry Pi

The classroom interior

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